To theatre organ buffs, Stan is considered the "little king of the console".  He began playing the "window sill" at the age of 4 while listening to the radio and was at the console by the time he reached 14.  Stan went on to major in organ at Washington University, St. Louis and was inducted in the ATOS Hall of Fame in 1999.  Stan has just been named ATOS Organist of the Year for 2003.

The legendary Stan Kann is the best known concert theatre organist in North America.  He played the fabulous Fox Theatre's mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ for 22 years, before moving to Los Angeles in 1975, making him the longest running theatre organist in the United States.  Before moving to Los Angeles Stan became a St. Louis television personality on the Charlotte Peter's Show.  Following that he co-hosted The Noon Show with Marty Bronson.  For this work he received the Silver Circle Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 1997 and the Avis Blewett Award in 2001.

When Phyllis Diller discovered his comedic talent he became a much sought after "one of a kind" television comic for the next three decades.  To television audiences he is known as the little comic with the funny gadgets, Vacuum included.  A favorite on all the major talk shows in the 70's, 80's & 90's, Stan appeared 77 times on "The Tonight Show", 89 times on the "Mike Douglas" show, "Merv Griffon and countless others.  He  generated hysteria and laughs on all of these shows.  Stan appeared as an actor in the popular television sitcoms "Gimme A Break" with Nell Carter and as Cal Headcheese in "The Two Of Us".  He recorded organ sequences for the feature film "The Fury" with the John Williams orchestra and the television series M*A*S*H with Lionel Newman's 20th Century-Fox orchestra.

In 1998 Stan returned to his roots in St. Louis, Mo.  Stan again plays the Mighty Wurlitzer for tour groups at the Fabulous Fox Theatre and for dinners at the Lincoln Jug restaurant in Belleville, IL.  Stan is also booked for several concerts through the country and England.  (see concert schedule page)


Credits and Awards

ATOS - Organist of the Year 2003

Avis Blewett Award - 2001

awarded by the St. Louis Chapter of American Guild of Organists


ATOS Hall of Fame Organist - 1999


Silver Circle Award - 1997

awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences


The Tonight Show - 77 guest appearances

Mike Douglas Show - 89 guest appearances

Merv Griffon Show - 32 guest appearances

plus appearances on Joan Rivers, Gypst Rose Lee, Dinah Shore and numerous others

The Noon Show ( St. Louis) - Co-host with Marty Bronson

The Charlotte Peters Show ( St. Louis ) - Co-host and Musical Director

To The Ladies ( St. Louis ) - Co-host & Musical Director

The Stan Kann Show ( Canada ) syndicated for 3 years


The Two of Us - played Cal Headcheese with Peter Cook

Gimme A Break - with Nell Carter

House Party

Kids are People Too

Hee Haw

People Are Talking

TV Bloopers - Dick Clark & Ed McMahon

Gary Shandling, Phyllis Diller Specials

Regis Philbin, David Steinberg and many others



Jack Carney Show - KMOX Radio St. Louis Co-Host

Stan Kann at Ruggeri's Restaurant, St. Louis, MO - NBC Network Saturday nights. 




The Playboy Clubs - (Standup Comedy) Wisconsin & New Jersey